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Property Styles

luxury property typesWhen deciding what kind of luxury property to invest in, an important consideration is which style of property you are interested in. The four most common styles of luxury properties available are mansions, ranch houses, beach cottages and cabins. Each one comes with its own brand of charm and atmosphere. The location the property is built in has a lot to do with the property’s style, of course. It makes no sense to build a beach cottage in the woods or a cabin in the city. But no matter where you build or buy, the home’s style should appeal to you on a personal level. Below is further information on luxury property styles:

  • Mansions are the traditional style of urban luxury homes, but they can be built practically anywhere. A mansion usually features high vaulted ceilings, a high volume of rooms, a grand entryway and a number of custom rooms. It is common for people who live in a city setting to opt for a mansion rather than any other style of luxury property. Mansions are the most modern style of home and can make use of architectural styles such as art deco and industrial.
  • Ranch homes are very desirable for slightly more rugged settings, either in the countryside, in the mountains or in the woods. Ranch homes are known for their one story layout and expansive square footage. They also tend to feature enormous yards and acreage. It is usually those who prefer a more natural setting that invest in a ranch home.
  • Beach cottages obviously originate from the seaside and are known for their wooden exteriors, light colors, broad porches and breath-taking views. These homes are unlikely to appear anywhere other than seaside or lakeside, but the occasional beach cottage appears in town. Many people find the appearance of a beach cottage to be very warm and welcoming.
  • Cabins are the property style of choice for true nature people. Cabins are built for their ruggedness and heartiness in wilderness conditions. Luxury cabins are, of course, less about survival and more about the ambiance, but are still the more rugged of the luxury homes.